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If you like photos in a natural setting, keep in mind that nature is an ever-changing place so what you see on the sample photos might not look exactly the same at the time of your session.


There are so many components that affect nature photos - time of the year, time of the day, wilderness or manmade, etc. For vibrant, flower-filled fields it's best to have your session in the late spring or summer.


For subdued, fall colored photos, October, November is the best time to have your photos taken. From December to late March, colors will be bleak and nature dormant, so it's best to avoid nature photos during those times. 


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Unaltered Nature
Tomball Fields

Tomball fields

Woods, trails, creek
Tomball Park

Tomball park

Gardens, flowers, swings, benches
Mercer Arboretum


Lake, bridges, trails, benches
Eastern Glades